Case Studies

Breakfast with WWF panda

The Toronto Blue Team held their first Breakfast Bash event for employees.

Fight against hunger in Seattle

Seattle employees participated in a Northwest Harvest Volunteer Event. 

The Big Little Give

During the campaign, Eglinton Square collected small items for families.

Metro Towers LED retrofit

A premium residential property in downtown Vancouver gets stairwell lighting upgrades.

Bower Place's Green Parking

A shopping centre in Alberta launches a Green Parking Zone and Electric Charging Station. 

Exemplary Waste Management

Innovative channels for dealing with additional waste streams in Ontario. 

Efficient by design

Design and construction of 1900 16th Street was premised on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Fueled up at the Octagon

The Octagon demonstrates both climate change mitigation and adaptation through sustainable design.  

Water savings - 200 King St W

Updated controller system leads to big water savings at 200 King West in Toronto.

Adapting to climate change

We are learning how to adapt to climate changes such as an increased likelihood of volatile weather events.  

Solar powered rooftop unit

We installed our first solar-powered rooftop HVAC unit at an open air retail property in Waterloo in 2012.  

A community partner

Through employee efforts, Bentall Kennedy has become a community partner for Union Gospel Mission (UGM) in Vancouver.

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are part of our transportation future in North America, and we're installing EV charging stations in some locations.

Fare Fight for Food

Our shopping centres, their tenants and customers raised $279,000 and 366,000 pounds of food to benefit food banks in 22 communities across Canada.

LEED Certification

World Exchange Plaza achieved LEED Gold certification in 2012, and has reduced energy use by 30% since 2009.

Transit-oriented development

In these two examples from the portfolio, we discuss why transit-oriented development holds promise.

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