Focus on People

Bentall Kennedy strives to recruit, develop and inspire an engaged and talented workforce. We promote a corporate culture that attracts and retains the highest caliber people. We encourage opportunities for growth, development and promotion by providing our employees with the resources to work effectively and continually strive to perform better. We are committed to a safe and sustainable work environment. In 2015, as in prior years, we continued working to improve the quality of engagement with employees.   



We value our employees’ input, their contributions, and their health and well-being. We engage our employees to foster a shared vision for the company.

our team

Our employees across North America are the foundation of our real estate investment advisory and management services.

talent management

Our talent management framework includes competitive compensation packages, and opportunities to grow through learning and development programs.

Quick Facts

  • 1,510 employees across North America.
  • $393,000 invested in employee education through external courses, seminars and education.
  • 92% of our employees agree that Bentall Kennedy is a socially and environmentally responsible organization.