how we engage

We engage our employees to foster a shared vision for the company and ensure that we're meeting their expectations. We use many strategies and tactics to engage with employees, understand their needs and obtain feedback for improvement.  

      • In 2012, we deployed a new custom employee engagement survey for all of our employees and repeated the survey in 2013 and 2014.
      • We hold quarterly all-employee conference calls. The calls are an easily accessible way for our leadership to provide information about company performance to the entire organization.
      • In 2013, we launched Employee Feedback Sessions to provide employees with a forum for two-way dialogue and direct feedback. In 2014, over 200 employees participated, contributing valuable ideas and observations. Based on the valuable feedback and suggestions provided by employees, a Top 10 To-Do List was established and acted upon.
      • We hold annual regional town hall meetings led by the senior members of HR, IT, Strategic Resources, and Finance groups, where employees from our property management teams in Canada and the U.S. are asked to share feedback on process improvement, innovation, national programs and other key themes including the environment, social responsibility and learning and development.
      • Our internal newsletter and portal site allow us to continually communicate with employees on company strategy, performance, process and policy.   
      • We solicit employee feedback on various topics related to professional development through committees, task forces and targeted meetings. 
      • Our recognition program includes an eRecognition card and gift cards to reward employees or celebrate team successes. There is also a service award component to acknowledge those who are reaching significant service milestones with the company, as well as forums to recognize those who exceed client or tenant expectations or make strong contributions to the community.

how we responded in 2015

Employee Feedback Sessions:  

In our employee engagement surveys, we heard from a broad range of employees who wanted more opportunities to provide feedback and input about the business.  

Employee feedback sessions were conducted by members of senior management and attended by small groups of randomly selected employees from a cross-section of departments in each city. They provided a forum for two-way dialogue and direct feedback. The intention is to have conversations at a company-wide level rather than a department-specific one, and this on-going process of collecting feedback will inform longer-term initiatives.

Results and Actions: 
Based on the valuable feedback and suggestions provided by employees, a Top 10 To-Do List for Bentall Kennedy was established and included a number of items such as improvements to IT systems, internal processes and enhanced training and development for employees. The Top 10 To-Do List was communicated out to all employees and regular progress updates are made available. 



participation in the WWF CN Tower Climb

Bentall Kennedy staff in our Toronto office climbed the steps of the CN Tower and raised over $20,000 for WWF-Canada's conservation work including: keeping polar bears and people safe, protecting ocean and freshwater habitat, reviving the flight of monarch butterflies and so much more.

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