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We celebrate our employees – approximately 1,500 across North America – who deliver the services we provide and are the foundation of our real estate investment advisory and property management services. Over 90% of our employees are full-time and permanent employees of the organization.

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Collapsetotal employees by contract type






Permanent   1,208  1,266  1,364  1,378  1,368
Temporary  27  48  73*  86*  87
 Part-time  24  28  33  46  44
 Total  1,259  1,342  1,470  1,510  1,499
*Temporary = FT Contract, PT Contract, PT Temporary, Seasonal & Summer Interns.

the value of diversity

We value diversity in our workforce on the conviction that different perspectives foster creativity, innovation and excellence in decision making. We seek to recruit and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity in our communities. Although we recognize that diversity is expressed in many ways, we only report on age and gender.

Age diversity at Bentall Kennedy has typically been in line with our competitors. The average age of our workforce was 44.5 in 2012; 44.9 in 2013; 45.8 in 2014; and 45.9 in 2015 and 2016. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , the median age for management, professional and related occupations was 44.4 in 2013; higher in some categories, such as property, real estate, and community association managers (50.9 years) and lower in others, such as business and financial operations (43.6 years). In Canada, our largest age group is those 30-50 years old, which is approximately in line with Statistics Canada’s labor information.

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Collapseemployees by gender and age group





Under 30 years  82 93 175
30-50 years 351 361 712
Over 50 years 363 249 612





Across the organization, our gender distribution is 53% male and 47% female. Like many of our peers in the industry, we lack gender balance at more senior levels where 70% of our senior and executive management is male. We acknowledge this concern. We require external search firms to present diverse slates of candidates and keep gender diversity front of mind in our talent selection processes.

More detailed HR data is available for download.

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