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Our reputation and scale of business reach in North America enhances our ability to attract high quality employees. Our talent management framework is comprehensive. It includes competitive compensation packages, opportunities to grow through learning and development programs and an active approach to performance management.  

One of our goals is to promote a culture of innovation and performance by creating and implementing Human Resources (HR) initiatives that enhance employee engagement and development. By understanding our strengths and improving our weaknesses in the organization, we can better serve our employees and maintain a top level of talent. Each year we continue to fine-tune our compensation packages, performance management strategies, as well as ongoing training and development for our employees. We have introduced employee mentorship programs to engage our senior most leaders as mentors and flex-work programs in some corporate functions.

Compensation and benefits. A comprehensive benefits package is provided to Canadian and U.S. employees with offerings varying by location. We offer a range of additional benefits and incentives to all permanent employees including:

  • An Annual Incentive Plan (AIP) which was extended to all eligible employees in 2012.
  • Group Retirement Savings Plan matches employee contributions up to 4% of the employee’s gross salary.
  • Health, dental and basic life insurance benefits, as well as contributions to a health spending account.
  • Personal emergency leave, short and long term disability leave, and personal days.
  • Vacation entitlement that goes beyond minimum statutory requirements.
  • A transparent job-posting policy that advertises open positions below the vice-president level internally and on the public website.
  • A program that rewards employees for referring successful candidates to the company.
  • Complimentary financial planning support through our group retirement savings plan.
  • An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with confidential, short-term counseling and advisory services.
  • Two paid days to volunteer with a registered charity.
  • Employee Service Award program.
  • Education and Training reimbursement program.
  • Monetary and non-monetary recognition programs.


Performance management The Goal Setting and Performance Management process includes the identification of both work goals and employee development goals at the beginning of the year. Informal feedback and discussion about the goals and progress occurs throughout the year and then a formal review is done at the end of the year to evaluate results.  


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Collapse% of eligible employees receiving performance reviews

2011       2012        2013  2014  2015
Executive management 100% 100% 100% 100%    100%  
Senior management 74%
81% 100%  100%    100%  
Middle management 88%
93% 100% 100%    100%  
Professional/technical 87%
85% 100% 100%    100%  
Administrative/operations 93% 89% 100%  100%    100%  
Overall 94% 89% 100%  100%   100% 

For the overall values and all of the 2012 to 2015 values, we have taken into consideration the fact that part-time and contract employees are not required to have performance reviews. For our 2011 data by employment category, our historical information data lacks the required detail to recalculate those accordingly.  

[LA11, LA12]

Learning and development. An important part of our talent management strategy is developing the full potential of our employees. We provide and support opportunities for both internal and external training programs as well as other learning approaches including on the job experiences and cross-training..

Our employee development program encompasses an annual review of each employee’s strengths and potential for development and assists each employee to define and communicate their career aspirations. The program also helps employees identify external training opportunities and courses of interest, and prepares them for internal job opportunities that are aligned with their own career aspirations.

In 2015, we invested $393,000 in educating our people through external courses and seminars.  Another $106,000 was spent on conferences which we also believe have notable educational value.  In addition, the support provided by our Education Reimbursement Program, offers full and partial reimbursement options for a variety of courses and programs related to an employee’s job and our overall business.

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Expandtotal expenditures on education


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employee turnover

We believe that the findings from our employee engagement survey and ongoing engagement efforts will provide insights to help us better understand and manage turnover.  Our turnover rate in 2015 was 11% among regular full and part time employees. 

Our turnover rates include all employees who left the company for any reason during the reporting year, including voluntary and involuntary departures, and including retirements. Starting with our 2012 calculations, w
e have excluded employees who leave as a result of a property disposition, where the employee's position stays with the property. While this improves the accuracy of the number, we are not able to update our historical information for comparability.  


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Expandturnover by age group

More detailed data on our HR statistics is available for download

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