corporate environmental performance

Bentall Kennedy strives to practice better business in our corporate operations as well as in the properties we manage. We maintained initiatives such as waste reduction and recycling, purchasing green products, and the reduction of carbon emissions through employee activities.

Blue Teams

Our Blue Team network spans 12 cities across North America  and plays an important role within our offices by recruiting volunteers, implementing initiatives and spreading the sustainability message to all Bentall Kennedy employees.

Blue Teams were asked to implement Bentall Kennedy's ForeverGreen Tenant Program within our own offices with the aim of becoming a better and greener tenant ourselves.  As a landlord, we are increasingly asking our tenants to work with us to improve environmental performance, and we must lead by example.  Tenant engagement around sustainability is a priority for Bentall Kennedy, and using our own program to guide our own employees’ actions is a good first step.  This was also seen as a way for the Sustainability Team to test and refine the Tenant Program through our own first-hand experience. 

Through the ForeverGreen program, Blue Teams were equipped with resources and tools to engage employees and reduce our workplace footprint in areas of energy, waste, water, indoor air quality and transportation. ForeverGreen resources include communication tools such as monthly posters, newsletters, weekly actions, and a Team Pack with event and activity suggestions related to each monthly theme. Also included was a walk-through checklist which each Blue Team was asked to complete within their office. The walk-through checklist looked for areas where a workplace might be able to improve its environmental performance, and was used by each team to identify one or two priority workplace footprint reduction initiatives that the team would implement in 2015. Budget was made available to assist Blue Teams in moving these projects forward. For example, where one team decided to focus on recycling as a priority, another focused on reducing paper consumption in the office


measuring our performance

Our corporate carbon footprint (the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our corporate operations, including our corporate and regional offices, employee commuting and business travel) has been the primary metric we use to measure our performance. We maintained our commitment to carbon neutrality for our corporate operations through renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets. In 2015, we completely offset our corporate GHG emissions from electricity with the purchase of RECs, and natural gas, employee travel and commuting with the purchase of carbon offsets. We purchase Green-e or EcoLogo certified renewable energy credits which ensure that new green power is added to the electricity grid. We also purchased carbon emission offsets through Renewable Choice Energy.

The GHG emissions are calculated using several data sources. Energy use is based on energy consumption in corporate offices, which is based on proportional share of a building's energy use where that data is available. Otherwise, a standard energy use factor is applied. In previous years, emissions from business travel were based on employees' travel expenses, and commuting data was a result of an employee survey. For 2015, estimates were made based on previous years’ data and a 10% buffer was built in. 

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CollapseGHG Emissions from corporate operations (tCO2e)


 Source 2011 2012  2013 2014   2015
Electricity (mixed sources)   676  664  700  770  650
 Natural Gas  274   255   331  217  208
 Steam     1      1   1  1  1
 Business Travel (auto)    99    120  132  142  147
 Business Travel (air)   612     621  714  708  783
 Employee Commuting   667   649   716  769  794
(RECs)  (480)  (681)  (700)  (770)  (650)
Total Gross Emissions 1,848   1,628  1,894   1,837  1,932
 (Carbon Offsets)      (1,894)  (1,837)  (1,932)
 Total Net Emissions      0  0  0



Carlson Court office scored 1st place in the 2015 People Power Challenge

In October 2015, Bentall Kennedy's Carlson Court office took home the first place in the People Power Challenge, a five-month long sustainability competition among businesses in the GTA. 

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