Governance at Bentall Kennedy is overseen by a Canadian Board of Directors and a U.S. Board of Managers. Together, the Boards provide oversight to the company’s Group Chief Executive Officer and the executive management team.[4.1]

board composition

A dual board structure is in place, with one board overseeing the Canadian operations and the other overseeing the U.S. operations, both of which are comprised of the same members.They typically meet at the same time, and work from a joint agenda, reflecting the fully integrated nature of our North American platform. The boards also meet jointly with executive management to review strategy and operations in Canada and the U.S.

Three of the five Directors are representatives of Bentall Kennedy’s sole shareholder and the other two Directors are executive management of Bentall Kennedy. One of the five Directors is female, which constitutes 20% of the Board as of December 31, 2015. This is slightly above the average (13.9%) in the U.S. and Canada according to GMI Ratings' 2013 Women on Boards Survey, which included 1,633 companies.

Bentall Kennedy also has an Advisory Board and Investment Review Committee, which is not part of the Bentall Kennedy Boards. This committee provides strategic input and advice to Bentall Kennedy, and oversees the administration of Bentall Kennedy’s key conflict avoidance policies and procedures. All members of this committee are independent and one is female.

Data and information shown here is for year ending December 31, 2015. 

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board responsibilities

The Boards provide direction and oversight to management as Bentall Kennedy meets our fiduciary responsibility to clients, executes our five-year strategic plan, and delivers on our responsibilities to our owners and other stakeholders. The Boards are also involved in strategic planning and Enterprise Risk Management in order to identify opportunities and to develop strategies for mitigating risks.

The Boards monitor our compliance with governance policies and procedures through our Chief Compliance Officer and governance practices are reviewed annually to ensure alignment with leading best practices. 

Our corporate governance principles require that all Directors, management and employees act ethically at all times. Directors must sign our Code of Business Conduct and comply with the Directors’ Conflict of Interest Policy. Our sustainability, environmental and occupational health and safety policies meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

The Boards are also responsible for overseeing our CR strategy and performance. Our commitment to the principles of UN PRI is established in our corporate vision and values and incorporated into our strategic plan, which is reviewed and approved annually by the Boards and monitored by the Boards throughout the year. The UN PRI principles help to guide our investment decision-making process and the ongoing management of our portfolio.

Environmental, social and governance issues are a regular part of Board meetings, occurring three to four times annually. Discussion may include noting company-wide achievements such as GRESB, reviewing environmental risks, or reporting results of the employee survey. The CR report is reviewed and approved by key members of executive management.
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