risk management

Our comprehensive risk-management approach focuses on strategic, operational, financial, social and environmental risks – each with its own risk-assessment framework. On an ongoing basis, senior management identifies risks within these frameworks as well as within Board processes and develops risk management and sustainability approaches.

risk management framework

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Board of Directors Senior Management All employees and Board of Directors
Quarterly review Annual review Annual sign off
Risk Assessment Crisis and Business Continuity Plan Code of Business Conduct
  • Performs periodic reviews of compliance and risk assessment.
  • Comprehensive plan includes emergency procedures, emergency contacts for employees, alternative workplace arrangements, electronic information storage, and communications programs.
  • Reviewed annually by senior management and updated as required.
  • Provides guidelines on appropriate behaviour for work situations and particularly when acting on behalf of clients.  The Code addresses conflicts of interest, compliance, health and safety, environment and harassment, including references to distinct policies for many of those topics.  
  • Documents and provides direction on the company’s whistle-blowing procedure.
  • All employees and the Boards review and confirm their compliance with the Code of Conduct annually.
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Managing CR and sustainability risks: As part of the annual business plan and strategy review and update, CR and sustainability risks and opportunities are evaluated. The sustainability team also conducts research to understand emerging sustainability issues and ensure that we prepare the organization and our key stakeholders accordingly.  

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