In This Section: key issues //objectives and progress

Focus on Commitment

We are excited about the future, both the opportunities we will pursue and the challenges we will overcome. Our plans include objectives in all areas of environmental, social and governance capacities as we continue to strive for leadership in corporate sustainability in our industry.

Our priorities and objectives are guided by our analysis of the risks and opportunities inherent within our business.

key issues

We consider many ESG issues, and focus on the ones that are most important to our key stakeholders, have greater potential impacts on our business, and which ones we have the greatest ability to influence.

objectives and progress

We report on which objectives we met in 2015, and identify goals and objectives in corporate responsibility for the years to come.

climate change mitigation & adaptation

We include climate change risk management in our long-term strategy - both mitigation of GHG emissions and adaptation for regional climate impacts.

Quick Facts

  • Climate change is one of our most material issues - both reducing emissions, and preparing for more frequent and intense storms and temperature changes.
  • 2009, the year we adopted our Responsible Contracting Policy.