Focus on Engagement

Our stakeholders are the people, companies and organizations that we impact through our business operations, investment decisions, and our buildings as well as those who have impact on us. Our key stakeholders are our clients, tenants, employees, communities, suppliers and contractors, and our industry. We engage with them at both an organizational level (company to company) and the asset level (within individual buildings or developments).[4.14, 4.15]

Through two-way communication, we gain the insights that lead to continuous refinements across our business as a real estate fiduciary, investment manager and asset services provider. We seek to address all elements of our business including environmental, social and governance considerations.


We provide a high level of customer service, and a safe, healthy and productive work environment for our tenants and building occupants.


Our clients look for assurances that their property portfolios are actively managed with diligence and due care for the environment and all regulatory requirements.


Bentall Kennedy is an active and engaged member of every community in every region where we operate across North America.

Quick Facts

  • 470 volunteer hours spent in 2015 by our employees and associated contractors in Calgary. 
  • 14K pounds of food collected and donated in Calgary.
  • $393K spent on employee education in 2015 (courses and seminars, excluding conferences).