Our clients seek competitive risk-adjusted returns. They look for assurances that their property portfolios are actively managed with diligence and due care for the environment and all regulatory requirements. We put our clients’ interests first, and we view ourselves as their advocates and trusted stewards. We work with our clients to understand their needs, risk profiles, return expectations, communication requirements and to continually align interests, advance their RPI and CR objectives effectively, and update strategies at both the portfolio and property levels.

We forge strong relationships with our clients through good governance, accountability and transparency – all of which are central to our fiduciary role and related responsibilities.

how we engage

  • Regular reporting, meetings and presentations inform and update clients about portfolio performance, including environment, social and governance updates.
  • Key client-specific points of contact are in place for ongoing communication and reporting.
  • We conduct research to produce white papers or bulletin reports on relevant real estate topics, including socio-economic and market trends, sustainability initiatives, regulatory changes and ongoing RPI-related discussions.
  • Asset and portfolio performance benchmarking is completed against relevant peer, market and industry standards.
  • Our annual business plans for properties include planned sustainability initiatives.
  • We employ a dedicated secure website for clients, which includes access to secure data storage, sharing and report tracking systems.
  • We provide client representation when needed for sustainable and responsible investing organizations such as the UNEP FI and UN PRI.

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how we responded in 2015

  • Regular reporting to clients included portfolio GHG emissions, utilities data and waste diversion rates as well as updates on the status of third-party sustainability certifications and other RPI-related programs and initiatives. These reports allow us and our clients to monitor progress towards sustainability goals and to compare our performance to industry benchmarks.
  • We issued memos and other communications regarding sustainability and RPI, such as advising on our UN PRI submission, GRESB recognition or other significant events that would be of interest for clients.  

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Quick Facts

We serve the interests of more than 550 institutional clients and investors across office, retail, industrial and multi-residential properties throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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