Bentall Kennedy is an active and engaged member of every community in every region where we operate across North America. We engage by communicating with our neighbours and community stakeholders. Our employees are our connection to our communities through their efforts, their donations of time and through their compassion for their neighbours.

We are a part of many major North American communities and committed to being a good neighbour through communications, outreach programs and education. Our aim is to improve those communities by helping to make them sustainable through the management of our clients’ investments, our ongoing property operations and our decision-making.

how we engage

  • We develop and deepen partnerships with community members and groups by holding outreach events, fundraising for local community organizations and by providing space for community events. We develop relationships at the organizational level and the asset level.
  • We work hand-in-hand with local municipalities during a new development or major redevelopment. During the development site plan approval process, we work together to address sustainability initiatives raised by both business and residents.

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how we responded in 2015

  • Development issues addressed with local governments have included LEED certification, watershed protection, storm water management, permeable paving, transportation planning, and other elements that are captured in an area master plan.
  • As municipalities develop long-term plans and policies to direct growth, we engage through industry associations to support municipalities in achieving the intent of their objectives.
  • Across Canada and in our office in Seattle, employees participated in various food bank volunteering activities in 2015. From the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, to the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver and Northwest Harvest in Seattle, our employees invested 400 volunteer hours to give back to the communities in which they live and work.  


contributing to our communities

There are many ways we contribute to our communities. Our employees volunteer time. We make monetary donations as well as in-kind gifts, such as providing space for community events. We also leverage our reach to tenants and others, to support fundraising efforts and other initiatives such as food drives. We focus on three key areas:

  • Charities that provide support for the most vulnerable members of our communities by providing food and shelter;
  • Charities that support environmental/sustainability awareness and education in our communities;
  • Supporting the reputable charitable organizations chosen by our employees, through our Charity Matching Program.

our results

In 2015, our investments in our communities helped to fund a wide number of worthy causes. Our corporate donations totaled $242,000 including the following:

  • $50,00 to the United Way in Vancouver and Toronto;  
  • $15,000 to Covenant House Vancouver and Covenant House Toronto;
  • $60,000 to Oxfam in support of the Syrian refugee relief effort;
  • Corporate holiday giving throughout the month of December in Canada and the US which included $30,000 to local food banks and $59,000 to local programs for the homeless, youth, women and children. 

We support employees who participate in their communities. A Charitable Activity Policy allows employees up to two paid days off to volunteer with a registered charity.

Through our Charity Matching Program, we match employees’ charitable donations to a maximum of $500 per employee annually. In 2015, we matched $112,838 in employee charitable donations.

We embrace the volunteer efforts of our people by supporting group and individual participation in charities throughout the year during regular work hours. Events across Canada and the U.S. are promoted and celebrated through our employee intranet portal. Organizations we supported included Habitat for Humanity, The United Way, Northwest Harvest, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and many others.

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fight against hunger in Seattle

On November 7, 2014 some of Bentall Kennedy's Seattle employees participated in a Northwest Harvest Volunteer Event in support of the continuing effort to fight against hunger.

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