suppliers & contractors

We work with an array of service providers including security, janitorial and third-party property managers, technical consultants and suppliers of both consumable and durable products.

We strategically engage third-party property management and other suppliers and contractors who are aligned on workplace safety and insurance, sustainability, and long-term objectives. We also seek partners who share our commitment to RPI and have expertise in sustainable operations and maintenance.

With select suppliers, consultants and contractors, we develop and implement strategies that deliver on our sustainability commitments and work to stay informed about their sustainability initiatives. All contractors, subcontractors, building consultants and suppliers are required to comply with our Environmental Policy and Health and Safety Policy.

how we engage

  • Regular meetings with our major suppliers ensure that they understand and can comply with our key objectives.
  • All suppliers are required to go through a pre-qualification process that includes questions about their environmental and social responsibility.
  • With third-party managed properties, Bentall Kennedy asset managers perform property site visits quarterly, and hold regular property team meetings to provide a forum for ongoing communication and engagement, asset performance review, and the implementation of sustainable best practices.
  • Agreements for third-party property management services include language addressing Bentall Kennedy’s sustainability goals, expectations and related responsibilities.
  • Third-party property management providers are encouraged to pursue ongoing sustainability education, training and professional accreditation, as provided by Bentall Kennedy, through the USGBC or CaGBC, or through industry groups such as BOMA.


how we responded in 2015

  • Through our standard agreement, suppliers are required to abide by our Responsible Contracting Policy. The policy applies to all contracts with a value of $50,000 or more; in practice it has been implemented for all relevant contracts forming part of our company-wide standard services agreement.
  • We use ComplyWorks, a third-party vendor management system which has become a requirement for key vendors providing services to our property management business.  The system allows for improved management of supplier and contractor adherence to Bentall Kennedy's requirements including our Health and Safety Policy and Environmental Policy.  The system began its roll-out in 2013 and was expanded in 2014 and 2015. 

    [HR2, 4.17]

    Responsible Contracting Policy

    Our Responsible Contracting Policy is aimed at improving the well-being of those engaged in building and servicing the assets owned by our clients. We promote fair working conditions, fair wages and fair benefits for workers who provide services. We believe that appropriately compensated and trained workers deliver a higher quality product and service.

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