We provide a high level of customer service, and a safe, healthy and productive work environment for our tenants and building occupants. We value our tenants and strive to establish long-term relationships to ensure they can operate their businesses effectively from the buildings we manage. We are determined to anticipate and respond to their needs more diligently than other landlords in North America.

We regularly communicate with our tenants so that they understand the sustainable attributes of the buildings and space they occupy and our goals for sustainable property operations. We work to provide our tenants with the tools and resources they need to make sustainable operational choices each day, such as fitness centres, bicycle storage areas, recycling programs and energy efficiency opportunities.

How We Engage

  • We conduct tenant surveys every two years.
  • Dedicated property management teams are always available to respond to tenant concerns and listen to ideas.
  • ForeverGreen Tenant Program has been active in all asset types across North America, including an adaptation for residential where the program is known as ForeverGreen@Home. ForeverGreen focuses on creating collaboration among property managers and tenants, resulting in cleaner, greener and more enjoyable places to work and live. Engaging resources such as posters, newsletters, and green team packs provide both Property Managers and tenants with actionable content around monthly sustainability themes.
  • Ongoing communications such as regular tenant bulletins, newsletters, topical fairs and events, appreciation gatherings and other tools help us communicate about sustainability, property events, and other landlord initiatives.
  • We manage and respond to tenant concerns and maintenance issues in our Canadian property management business using ClIKFix, an in-house contact centre. In our third-party managed properties, our partners provide this type of service through various means and tools.
  • We develop and use customized and proprietary tools such as green lease language, a Tenant Green Design Guide and LEED New Construction Toolkits. These tools are used to engage tenants directly in an effort to promote sustainable occupancy and build-out, thus enhancing overall asset operating performance and tenant well-being.
  • We establish joint tenant-management sustainability committees to pursue opportunities to reduce a building’s environmental footprint at many of our buildings.

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